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Bougainvillea Tea

On the same foraging adventure mentioned in my previous cactus post, my friend noticed I had an irritating cough.

She picked a handful of bougainvillea flowers from the side of a footpath. Nervously I asked her what it was for and she said it's for making tea-a home remedy for coughs in Mexico.

I've seen bougainvillea plants everywhere and have never heard of making tea with it! If she was'nt drinking the stuff herself, I would have been highly dubious.

The flowers were rinsed and boiled with water.

Bougainvillea Tea. A pretty crimson colour.

The verdict? The tea had a delicate taste and was calming to drink. It helped soothe my cough so now I'm a believer!

Tip: Clean the flowers thoroughly before brewing. I made the observation of dead ants halfway through my tea. (My friend just shrugged.) Luckily the ants were "sterilised."