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Beverly's Wedding Bash!

I'm honored to be one of Beverly's "sisters" for her wedding in Singapore.

The wedding day started off early with the traditional Chinese claiming-of-the-bride ritual. It was a muggy day so I felt sorry for the poor groom and his "brothers " in their suits. It was hard enough on the "sisters" in their summer dresses!

Left to right: emmakins888, Rollargirl9, Violet Lily, Beverly, and Babyflite

Simultaneous mani and pedi ($55 SGD). Have them done in Singapore, ladies! These girls did a marvelous job.

Showing off our awesome manicures.

Commemorative Hen's Day Pic at Good Wood Hotel after High Tea.

Bubblegum tooties and ~$10 AUD heels from Malaysia. I wore these to the wedding reception.

Me, Violet Lily and Rollargirl9 all dolled up at dinner.

Banquet montage. The food was devine, especially the mango pudding for dessert.

Me with the bride, who is looking ever so gorgeous!


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Aug. 24th, 2009 10:17 pm (UTC)
It was such a wonderful day!!
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